If you think about it there is no concept of waste in nature. It is only human activities with an (over) focus on certain values tends to produce by-products which have a difficulty in completing the cradle-to-grave cycle and thereby resulting in the various problems manifest today.

Some of the organizations doing a yeoman service in this space are :

Saahas hanldes both dry and wet waste. Have set up waste management units in several organizations.

Samarthanam an NGO in the service of the differently abled but also into waste management - using the revenues generated for its cause.

While the above two cover areas like plastics, e-waste, paper Goonj is unique in addressing a need (women's hygiene) and also waste management(discarded cloth pieces).

ESG has taken up the cause of residents of Mavallipura a village near Bangalore who are the unfortunate victims of our "waste culture".

DailyDump provides a simple solution to all the wet waste generated at home - compost it.

The most radical of all thoughts - managing the human excreta is available in the Humanure Handbook. There are some experiments to create such waterless composting toilets but wide spread acceptance is a long long way to go.

So if you have a will there is a way!

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