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 I have come to this realization that we humans over time are growing more and more distant from the rest of nature (this includes other humans too). Perhaps our desire for safety, security and predictability drives us into control and management of natural resources (air, water, food) as well as other human beings. We basically want to control certain parameters and ensure definite outcomes. In the whole process the "soul" inherent in natural systems is getting lost and we also are not satisfied. As a result we could look for other alternate mechanisms to existing ones but to no avail. Until  we realize this cycle of "maya" and start our journey inwards - to understand what we really are, how we can act "naturally" uninfluenced by the external forces of fear, desire etc. we are not getting anywhere.

The objective of this site is to introduce some of those great souls who are striving to make this world a better place in their own ways. The selection is limited to my own interactions or reading and I am sure there are several others silently going about their work without even a presence in this web-o-sphere.

Hope it influences you to also to start taking steps towards greater peace within and without...


Send your feedback to shrijagadish at gmail dot com 

Primary focus is on

- waste

- water

- food


and what one can do at an individual level.

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